Copper tungsten erosion wheels and discs

PCD tools copper tungsten rotary electrode 

Copper tungsten electrode for PCD tools disk erosion

Copper tungsten wheel and disk erosion electrodes

Copper tungsten grinding wheel and disk erosion electrodes for PCD tools disc erosion machining

Our W/Cu electrodes are mostly used with Walter, Enokida,Vollmer, Lach and other EDM machines.
They are also called PCD electrodes, copper tungsten electrodes, electrodes for EDM machines, tungsten copper EDM electrodes.

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flat/bow/cup etc


for PCD tools disc erosion machining

Product Details:

Copper Tungsten Rotary Electrode for PCD and PCBN erosion

1.Our copper tungsten rotary electrode are suit for the demanding of Vollmer, Walter, Lach, Enokida, Anka.

2.Advantage of copper tungsten electrode for EDM PCD tools disk erosion:

-Owns high electrical conductivity and regular component maintain electrical plus generator stable.

-Owns high thermal conductivity guarantees PCD without damage by heat.

-Owns high density make sure PCD insert surface has the lowest roughness.

3.WCu Rotary electrodes Technical Parameters Table as follows,

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