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Our CBN series wheels are commonly used in engine components such as camshafts, crankshafts, valves and cylinder heads.

No matter vertical grinding and horizontal grinding for camshafts,we offer the suitable wheels according to your machine.Common spec of grinding wheels for camshaft and crankshaft is

like1A1,9A1,9A1B,14A1,3A1,3Q1,14LL1. Our engineers can design and produce grinding wheels of other specifications according to your requirement. 

ZY diamond cutter producing department also supply some non-standard pcd cutters and application solutions except grinding wheels in car parts industry.

Work piece:cylinder head,steering gear,gear-box oil pan,brake caliper,throttle valve,scroll plate,aluminium products.

e.g.throttle valve processing,formed milling cutter n=3500r/min, fz=0.045mm/z.

Radial cutter n=4000r/min,fz=0.055mm/z. Steeped reamer n=4200r/min, fz=0.015mm/z.

Adjustable fine boring cutter n=5500r/min,fz=0.05mm/z.


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