Wind Power

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With the rapid improvement of wind power generation, wind turbine blades are rapidly developing toward large, lightweight and intelligent. In order to improve the technical and manufacturing level of wind turbine blades and high-performance composite materials is widely applied in the field of wind power.

The main materials of wind turbine blades are glass fiber and carbon fiber composite materials which can be processed by different diamond tools.

Wind-power blades manufacturing process is mainly the vacuum infusion molding,

After forming there will be root cutting-milling-drilling hole-painting.

Blade root is cutting by diamond saw blade, end milling by diamond face milling cutter, and drilling by polycrystalline diamond (PCD) inserts or PCD reaming tools.

Wind turbine blade root is mainly processed by polycrystalline diamond inserts and diamond saw with diameter of 440mm or 450mm. After blade root is cut, the surface is not smooth, the end face of the wind turbine blade is milling with diamond face milling cutter. Diamond milling cutter SEET1204.After milling, the axial and radial holes of the blade root are processed with pcd drilling tools with indexable inserts 06T3 0905 and other model.

And ZY supply series diamond tools such as wire cutting saw,electroplated cutting saws,drilling cutters,pcd indexable drills,pcd tipped cutting saws.

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