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The electronics industry is a massive global industry, and there is a sector that produces electronic components such as transistors, capacitors,and semiconductors. Plus, popular products or devices with electronic components,such as computers, laptops, and phones, can be found everywhere these days.In the process of electronic components production, the application of various high-precision ultra-hard cutting tools has significantly improved the production efficiency and precision of the workpiece.

With the developing of semiconductor, electronics and photovoltaic industries, to strengthen our position in this field, we develop a wide range of tools such as diamond drills,metal bond grinding wheels,cut-off wheels that meet changing needs and widely used in machining LCD & OLED Glass, cell phone touch glass, sapphire wafer, silicon wafer, compressor parts, sic, sapphire, quartz and others.

Such as ZY high-precision cutting wheel,dicing blades with ultra-thin and ultra-hard is mainly used for precision cutting and slotting various electronic components in the field of electronic information, with a series of advantages such as high precision, small slit,sharp-edged ,good machining surface quality and so on.

Some Example as follows,

Nickel bond dicing blades

Electroplated Dicing blade

Grit size: 1500-8000 mesh; Blade thickness:0.015~0.07mm

Applications for discrete wafer dicing, hard material sawing, and LED package singulation,Silicon wafer, Compound semiconductor wafers (GaAs, GaP, etc.), Oxide wafers (LiTaO3, etc.), etc

Work-piece :semiconductor materials

Germanium, silicon, silicon carbide, gallium nitride, gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, etc.

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