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Founded in 2006, Our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards to increase efficiency and lower grinding costs.

Our products and services include but are not limited to Resin Bonded, Metal Bonded, Vitrified Bonded, Electroplated Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheels, and so on.

The main applications of our grinding wheels include tungsten carbide, ceramic, glass, steel, cast iron, etc.

Resin Bonded Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheels

Main Features: Resin bonded wheels have the features of high self-sharpening ability, high cutting efficiency, good finishing, low heat dissipation, and no burn on the workpiece. It is very suitable for high efficiency and precision grinding of most workpieces.

Applications of diamond wheel: tungsten carbide, ceramic, glass, magnetic materials, silicon materials, powder metallurgy, thermal spraying alloy, etc.

Applications of the CBN wheel: high-speed steel, stainless steel, die steel, cast iron, etc.

Our company supports OEM and customized services; we can manufacture according to your requirements and the drawings offered.

Resin Bond Grinding Wheels
Metal Bond Grinding Wheels

Metal Bonded Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheels

Main Feature: Metal bonded wheels have the features of high self-sharpening ability, high stock removal, good retention, long-lasting, etc.

Metal bonded diamond wheel Application: quartz crystal, tungsten carbide, glass, PCD, gem, ferrite, fireproofing materials, thermal spraying alloy, etc.

Metal bonded CBN wheel Applications: high-speed steel, tool steel, mold steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc.

Our company supports OEM and customized services; we can manufacture according to your requirements and the drawings offered.

Vitrified Bonded Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheels

Main Feature: Vitrified bonded wheels have the features of high self-sharpening ability, high cutting efficiency, long-lasting, low heat dissipation, low load-up, etc.

Vitrified bonded diamond wheel applications: tungsten carbide, PCD, PCBN, ceramics, cermets material, etc.

Vitrified bonded CBN wheel applications: cast iron ( alloy cast iron, chilled cast iron, nodular cast iron), steel (45#,55 #,20Cr, etc.).

Our company supports OEM and customized services; we can manufacture according to your requirements and the drawings offered.

Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheels
Electroplated bond grinding wheels

Electroplated Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheels

Main Feature: The electroplated grinding wheel is with high concentration, sharp grinding, high working efficiency, and no need to finish. The product can be made into different shapes. It is especially suitable for complicated, thin, small, geometrical shapes or processing products with precise dimensions required. It helps promote working efficiency and solve grinding problems for some special products and is extremely suitable for dry grinding.

Electroplated diamond wheel applications: ceramics, glass, hard alloy, ferrite, and high-hardness nonmetallic materials, etc.

Electroplated CBN wheel applications: metal materials like chilled cast iron, cast alloy steel, titanium alloy, etc.

Our company supports OEM and customized services; we can manufacture according to your requirements and the drawings offered.

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Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheel Mark Sequence

According to GB/T6409-199®, the feature and writing sequence for diamond or CBN grinding tools are as follows:

Shape Code, Dimension, Grinding Material Model, Granularity, Binding Agent, Concentration.

The mark of Dimension sequence is
External Diameter x Overall Thickness x Hole Diameter x Width of Grinding Material Layer x Thickness of Grinding Material Layer
For some grinding wheels with bevel edge or circular arc, the angle of edge or the radius of arc should be marked.

Some product examples

Our products are manufactured with high-quality diamond powder.It is very hard-wearing and durable. Quality is our commitment to our customers, ensuring every production process has been rigorously tested for longer service life.

6A2 Cup Grinding Wheels

♦For PCD, PCBN super-hard cutting tools grinding
♦For PCBN cutting tools grinding
♦For CVD cutting tools grinding
♦For single natural diamond tools grinding
♦For polycrystalline diamond compacts ( PDC ) grinding
♦For ceramic products grinding
♦For carbide alloy products grinding


♦For machining Hardened Steels
♦For Die Steels
♦For Alloy Steels
♦For Aerospace Alloys
♦For Hard Carbon Steels

3A1 Diamond Cut Off Wheels

It is widely used for high speed surface/ cylindrical /conical / flat surface /conical apertures grinding(HSG) of tungsten carbide on grinding machine.

Binding Agent Choose

Diamond/CBN grinding wheel is divided into different kinds according to agent sorts, like resin bond, metal bond, vitrified bond, and Electroplated bond. A suitable binding agent must be chosen according to processing objectives.

Binding AgentCode
Resin bondB
Metal bondM
Vitrified bondV
Electroplated bondP

Granularity (Grit Size)Choose

The roughness degree of artificial diamond is shown as granularity code. The surface roughness degree is affected by granularity directly. The principle of choosing granularity is to choose thick ones based on the premise of meeting processing unit requirements. Therefore, the grinding efficiency is reinforced, and the loss of the grinding wheel is reduced.
The granularity of the diamond is between 30# and W1 as follows:

Grinding ProcedureGranularity Recommended
Rough Grinding30#-120#
Half-precise Grinding150#-240#
Precise Grinding280#-W40

Table of comparisons for grit size

Diamond on the left & CBN on the right!

Table of comparisons for grit size

Grinding Wheel Main Shape Diagram


Ordering Instructions

Please provide the information as follows for choosing the most suitable grinding wheel for you when placing the order for the first time:
Model: e.g. 1A1,14A1,1A1R, 1B1,1E1,3A1 and so on.
Specification: abrasive material, granularity, binding agent, external diameter, thickness, inner diameter, working layer abrasive material width, thickness, and basic thickness.
Application: grinder machine information, tool name, grinding material, grinding dimension.
Grinding Method: plain grinding, cylindrical grinding, Internal grinding, grooving, cutting, and so on.
Grinding Condition: grinding wheel speed, feed speed, approach, dry grinding, wet grinding, etc.
Grinding Requirements: grinding accuracy, fineness, roughness, integrity, and so on.

Please attach drawings or samples, as well as parameters and requirements for special customization.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Please note that the final cost depends on the customization services required, the raw materials specifications, the relevant national laws, and the shipping distance. Take the example of booking of a tall product container.

Step 1: Confirm Drawing & Details (3-7 days)

Knowing the type of grinding wheels for your project is important before cooperating. If you don’t know, don’t worry! Our colleagues will help you! A good beginning is half done.


Step 2: Payment Bill & Arrange Production (within 1 day)

Customers pay the deposit and send us the payment slip, and we will arrange the production within 1 day. Our approval process is efficient and fast to maximize our customers’ time and cost savings.


Step 3: Bulk Manufacturing (1-30 days)

In-stock products are dispatched immediately.

ZYsuperhard Company stocks a large number of raw materials in stock so that we can efficiently produce the products required by our customers. Short production cycle and efficient delivery.


Step 4: Air Or Sea Shipping (3-45 days)

We cooperate with DHL, Federal, and other international couriers efficiently and safely. At the same time, we reserve the top 20 excellent domestic freight forwarders that can provide different solutions for customers.


Want to know how to compress lead times?

Send us a message if you have any questions or request a quote. Our experts will give you a reply within 24 hours and help you select the right wheels you want.

Attention for operation

1. Please check the grinding wheel carefully. For any notch or damage, please stop using it immediately.
2. For grinding wheels marked with a rotating direction, please make sure the rotating turning direction of the machine is the same. The grinding wheel’s efficiency will be affected by wrong direction operation.
3. For any abnormal conditions during grinding, please stop the machine and check the problems immediately.
4. When the grinding wheel is not sharp, it is required to get it edged. Continuous operation may cause overheating and overload and then damage the grinding wheel.
5. It is forbidden to use a hand or any part of the body to grind or touch the grinding wheel.
6. Special-designed grinding wheel is not suggested for common grinding in order to avoid any abnormality or damage.

Why Choose ZYsuperhard?

ZYsuperhard is committed to quality across all aspects of our business – our people, processes and products. We call this ‘the ZY SUPER standard’.

vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel
  • ZYsuperhard is here with the perfect solution. We’re committed to providing high-quality products and services while saving you money.
  • Working together to save your costs of grinding wheels.
  • Offering professional OEM & ODM for special projects.
  • Sustainability considerations cover how we design and manufacture diamond/CBN grinding wheels.
  • Some regular products are in Stock.

ZYsuperhard offers an extensive range of diamond/CBN grinding wheels that can be customized according to customer specifications. Adequate stock of raw materials reduces costs associated with production delays caused by waiting on parts from other suppliers. This ensures more efficient use of energy during the manufacturing process.


ZYsuperhard offers professional custom designs that save production costs and installation time while maintaining a certain quality level throughout every process step. We can guarantee customer satisfaction under any circumstance — no matter what challenges they face or where their business may operate around the world.

ZYsuperhard is committed to quality across all aspects of our business – our people, processes and products. We call this ‘the ZY SUPER standard’.

  • For regular products, our delivery time is 1-3 working days at receipt of your payment.
  • For customization products, leading time depends on our production line

It depends on the raw material, the complexity of the process, and the quantity ordered.Your satisfactory solution is our goal.

Depending on the shipping method you choose, if it is air freight, the receiving time is generally within 7 days, if you choose sea freight, the receiving time is about 30-45 days.

We have 3 senior engineers, 10 professional r & D teams, 75 professional production personnel.

We set up an independent workshop for product inspecting, ensuring all products pass strict inspection 100%.

OEM is accepted; we can manufacture according to your requirements and the drawings offered.

Yes! OEM service

ZYsuperhard has seventeen years of experience in manufacturing diamond/CBN grinding wheels. We can provide professional OEM service according to your needs.

Competitive Price

The vast order volume allows us to have lower purchase prices for raw materials. Therefore we can offer a more competitive price for you.

High quality raw materials

ZYsuperhard is very strict in the selection of raw materials and in the testing of the production process. Consumers will compromise on price because of quality but will not be more tolerant of quality because of price.

Prompt delivery time

We are very professional! More efficient communication so we can agree faster and deliver as quickly as possible!

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