Diamond PCD tools of processing throttle valve

Processing throttle valve,work piece material: aluminum and aluminum alloys


◊PCD non-standard forming slot cutter

◊PCD non-standard milling cutter

◊PCD non-standard boring tool

◊PCD molding reamers

◊PCD reamers

Additional information

Product Details:

1.Rough finish outer circumferential groove-PCD non-standard forming slot cutter

Using the inner ring of the tool to process the outer circumferential groove of the workpiece, compared with the ordinary tool using the outer ring milling processing time saving more than 70%! The indexable design can be quickly and safely replaced when the tool is worn out!

2.Set of milling cylindrical workpiece-PCD non-standard milling cutter

Omit the CNC lathe process, reduce the number of workpiece clamping, size stability, higher efficiency! Tool preset dynamic balance level G2.5, reduce the probability of easy vibration in the process of machining!

3.Set rough and fine processing in one-PCD non-standard boring tool

Fine-tuning precision boring head is used for finishing, which can be finished directly on the blank with pre-cast holes, and can meet the requirements of roundness, cylindricity and dimensional tolerance of high precision holes. Reliable precision, higher efficiency!

4.Clever tool design-PCD molding reamers

It effectively avoids the vibration tool phenomenon caused by insufficient rigidity of machine tool spindle and fixture. The processing size is highly integrated, a knife to complete, greatly improve the safety of the process and production efficiency!

5.Mainly for single through hole/blind hole-PCD reamers

High efficiency finishing, hard alloy cutter body plus PCD cutting edge gold combination, can be qualified for high speed, high feed, high precision processing with excellent performance!

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