PCD Spiral Milling Cutter

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1.Poly crystaline diamond

2.flute diameter tolerance  D 0~-0.01

3.Shank diameter tolerance d 0~0.003

4.Twist angle 30°

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cut nonferrous metal


Diverse can be customized, D0.7*L50*d4*L2-2.1*L1-0.7

Product Details:

PCD Spiral Milling Cutter

1.Work-piece material:

– All kinds of non-ferrous metals and alloys (high-silicon aluminum alloy with more than 15% silicon)

– All kinds of pure metal materials (nickel, copper, aluminum, etc.)

– All kinds of powder metallurgy materials (ELMAX etc.)

– All kinds of non-metallic materials (carbon fiber, graphite, ceramics, quartz, etc.)

2.Tech Parameters (spiral shape at flute edge of soild pcd)

3.Application example:

-Medical/orthopedic implants/ceramic materials(alumina,equivalent to HRC77)3D processing,processing surface smooth up to Ra0.49.

-Precision manufacturing /diensteel(ELMAX,HRC60)3D processing,compared with carbide cutting tools,pro-cessing speed is unchanged,and the life is improved about 5 time.

4.Our advantages

-supply non-standard

-high quality

-factory direct sale

-prompt delivery

-good after-sales service

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