PCD drill reamers for power system cylinder head processing

Application:processing non-ferrous metal parts such as automotive aluminum parts, engine valve guide holes, resin molded parts, aluminum die-cast alloys and spectacle lenses
PCD compound reamer – High efficiency tool

PCD Molding reamer – High precision tool

PCD reamer – High precision tool

PCD reamer – High performance tool

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Product Details:

It can be used for processing of power system cylinder head such as engine valve guide holes.

1.Roughed tappet hole,

The end guide design of the cutting edge effectively inhibits the vibration of the cutting tool which is easy to occur in the process of high efficiency machining, and can avoid the aluminum chip winding on the cutting body and play the role of chip breaking. The pre-set dynamic balance level of the tool G2.5 effectively reduces the wear of the spindle under high load. Reliable product quality greatly improves the production efficiency!

2.Finishing tappet hole,

Tachter hole wall thickness is not uniform, easy to cause the hole cylindricness is out of order, size is not stable, the scheme uses six edge unequal distribution of hinging processing, scattered cutting force, end jump diameter jump are controlled within 0.003, so that the tool owns high efficiency.The tool holder interface of heat shrinkable, one-piece, flange transfer can be selected according to the rigidity of different machine tools. The tool factory preset dynamic balance level G2.5, and with an internal cold hole, so as to achieve the longest tool life!

3.Processing scheme of spark plug hole.

Optimized processing scheme, make full use of the modern design concept, will be processed size highly concentrated in each tool, reduce the amount of tool configuration.The gold combination of pcd cutting edge and cemented carbide matrix can meet the high speed ad efficient processing concept to the maximum extent and greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost with more stable product quality!

4.Finish machining clearance hole,

The tool structure and the water hole are designed to have the effect of Anti chip removal effect, so that a large number of aluminum chips produced in the processing process can be smoothly discharged out of the hole, avoid aluminum chips blocked in the cross hole, omits the cumbersome aluminum chip cleaning work, improve production efficiency, increase process safety!!

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