Countersink Drill for CFR,GFRP composite materials

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90°, 99.5°, 100°, 119.5 °, 120° and 130°, Diverse can be customized

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In recent years composite materials have been widely used. They are increasingly commonly used in developing and producing aerospace and national defense products such as aircraft wings, aero engine fans, and extensive carrier rocket segments. The use of composite materials for Boeing 787 aircraft accounts for 50%. Composite materials will account for more than 51% of the domestic CR929 aircraft.

However, composite materials are typically difficult to process, prone to tear, burr, delamination, thermal damage, and other processing problems, the sharpness, wear resistance, and stability of cutting tools put forward high requirements.

To meet customer processing requirements, we manufacture a series of composite machining tools, and a pcd countersink drill (countersink cutter) is one of them.

1.Application: for processing CFR, GFRP composite materials, aluminum alloy materials, titanium alloy materials, and ceramic materials.



◊PCD edge significantly improves durability

◊Longer guide column life so that the tool life is 200% longer than the same type of tool

◊High precision grade thread and cone fit ensures simple, precise, and quick bit change

3.Specification: standard tools are available for hole Angle countersink of 90°, 99.5°, 100°, 119.5 °, 120° and 130°

4.Non-standard products are accepted as the drawing offered by customers.

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