PCD/PCBN tools for gearbox system housing/synchronizer


  • PCD reamer

  • PCD compound reamer

  • PCD face milling cutter

  • PCBN grooving cutter,PCBN slot mill

Additional information


rough-finish compound machining


pcbn, PCD

Product Details:

1.Rough finishing gearbox mounting hole, PCD cutting edge and the polishing of the front blade make the tool have good cutting,performance and chip cutting and removal effect with high dimensional accuracy and surface roughness.HSK high speed heat shrink shank owns good clamping force and quick tool change time, improve handle reusability,reduce tool configuration and tool inventory cost! 

2.Coarsely finished transmission bearing mounting hole, close-toothed design and special treatment of cutting edge can effectively avoid low rigidity and low strength of box thin-walled parts degree of vibration caused by the knife phenomenon! The design of cold water inside the tool can improve the chip removal effect of the tool and improve the service life of the tool! The factory default dynamic balance level G2.5, and in the tool design of dynamic balance adjustment mechanism is conducive to ensure the symmetry of the tool body!

3.Finishing the installation surface of transmission, the whole welding, dense tooth type face milling cutter design can greatly improve the metal removal rate and processing stability, meanwhile all cutting edge end jump and diameter jump are guaranteed to be within 0.003. Tool preset dynamic balance level G2.5 in high speed machining can effectively reduce the wear of the machine tool spindle!

4.Precision cutting synchronizer ring groove, optimized tool pressing mechanism to provide rapid, greater pressing force, can effectively ensure the stability of tool use! Slot cutter selection of high wear resistance, collapse resistance, chemical stability of CBN composite, pay attention to tool life at the same time can improve the cutting efficiency! So that the tool has a higher cost performance!

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