WA dressing sticks for diamond grinding wheels

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WA dressing sticks for diamond grinding wheels


such as 150*40*3.5 , 150*40*4 , 150*40*5 , 150*40*3.5

180*50*2.5 , 180*50*3.5 , 180*50*4.0 , and etc.

2.Grit : 80#,120#,150#,180#,240#,32 0#,40 0#,600#,800#,1000#,1200#,1500#,1800#, and etc.


Hardness is higher than brown corundum, and toughness is slightly lower; good grinding performance, grinding heat is negligible.

4.Applications:It is suitable for grinding hard and heat-sensitive steel, such as quenched steel, high carbon steel, high-speed steel, alloy steel, etc. And we can use it to cut and form tools, tools, molds, gears, threads, thin-wall parts, etc.

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