1.Punch formers are divided into unidirectional punch formers, two-way punch shaper, three-claw punch shaper, electric punch shaper, collet type ER punch shaper, medium punch shaper, large punch shaper and so on.

2.Punch formers also known as punch, punch machine, shaper, grinder,etc

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1.Punch former is a mechanical device which is installed on the grinder, milling machine, drilling machine and other machine tools, and it is used for forming and grinding of arc, polygonal, circular and other angles, Matching with diamond dresser can be used to dress the grinding wheel, punch, center pin and so on. Punch former can also be used for precision machining of EDM machine electrodes。

2.The grinding wheel can be dressed into a variety of cross section shapes consisting of straight lines and circular arcs,through the optical sight, the contact between the grinding wheel and the grinding wheel surface of the diamond pen tip dressing can be directly and clearly observed, so as to accurately trim the fine arc or angle.

3.Technical parameter:

Maximum dressing wheel diameter: 200 mm

Center of rotation height: 65 mm

Convex R trimming range: 0-12 mm

R Trimming range: 0-25.4 mm

Finishing stroke of skateboard: 22.5mm

Dressing Angle: 95°-0°-95°

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