Standard Grinding Wheel Dressing Machine ZY-X3

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1.7~1.9 tons

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The ZY-X3 standard grinding wheel dressing machine utilizes the principle of the difference in rotational speed between the grinding wheel being dressed and the dressing grinding wheel to achieve the shaping of the former. The machine is capable of providing simple and efficient dressing for diamond wheels, CBN wheels, and groups of multiple wheels, allowing for dressing of flat surfaces, angles, arcs, and shaped wheels. The machine is easy to operate and provides high precision.



  • Adopt Taiwan-made precision linear slide rail and ball screw, and add a digital display scale (optional), so that when the corrected grinding wheel is corrected, the positioning accuracy, width and arc size can be adjusted and measured at any time .
  • The rotating A-axis adopts high-precision tapered roller bearings produced in Japan to achieve the rotation accuracy and stability.
  • CCD photography device, with 15 to 120 times magnification and 17 “LCD display, can measure and check the arc, angle and size of the grinding wheel in the work.
  • CCD and optical size device provides easy-to-use settings and measurement of the width and position of the grinding wheel and inspection during or after dressing. The measurement accuracy can reach 0.005-0.01 mm.
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