PCD tools for Gear-Box Oil Pan Machining

Application:gear-box oil pan machining.

●PCD face milling cutter- high efficiency tool

●PCD reamer- high efficiency tool

Additional information

Tool Type

PCD non-standard tools

Product Details:

PCD tools for Gear-Box Oil Pan Machining

1.Rough finishing oil pan installation surface-PCD face milling cutter

Rapid removal of cast surface irregularities, and achieve more reasonable surface roughness requirements, as well as its strong cutting performance, higher blade life to improve processing efficiency and reduce production.

2.Finishing oil pan pin hole-PCD reamers

Standardized, high efficiency reamers with polished edges can bring higher surface roughness and use life,cutting speed is up to 200-500m/min with higher processing accuracy and dimensional stability to bring higher process safety!

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