Automobile cylinder hole processing pcd cutters


  • Non-standard indexable boring tool,

  • PCD reamer

  • non-standard indexable slot cutter

Additional information

Product Details:

1.Rough machining cylinder hole,

Safely and quickly remove the blank allowance of the cylinder hole, and chamfer in the hole, to prepare for finishing, the design of the transposable tool structure and the use of PCD boring blade can greatly improve the processing efficiency and high service life. It owns a very high cost performance!

2.Finishing cylinder hole,

Changing the traditional single-edge boring to six-edge reamer reaming, using flange transfer tool handle, it can overcome the customer machine tool spindle runout, no central water, poor rigidity and other technological defects, so that the cylinder hole roundness, cylindricity, aperture conform to the drawings.

Solve customer’s need for high efficiency process timing. The tool factory preset dynamic balance level G2.5, in order to reduce the wear of the spindle under the condition of high-speed machining, and make the tool has a high service life!

3.Finishing tool body end groove,

Change the traditional end milling circumferential machining mode. Precision knife clip type design, large adjustment range, suitable for the same series of different specifications of the workpiece, in the product type change without changing the knife, only simple adjustment of the diameter of the knife clip can be, reduce the time of changing the type, improve the processing efficiency. Blade using PCD slot blade, sharp, wear-resistant cutting edge, low cutting resistance, longer tool life!

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