How To Choose The Grinding Wheel For A Cylindrical Grinding Machine

How should we choose the right grinding wheel for cylindrical grinding machines? Let us consider these aspects: abrasives, grain size, hardness, and bonding agent.
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Cylindrical grinding machines are mainly used for the precision grinding of external cylinders, end faces, and conical surfaces of shaft parts. They are the main equipment for industries such as automotive engines. It is also used for processing shaft parts with high precision requirements in industries such as military and aerospace. Besides, it is also used in these industries as follows.

  • Textile spinning industry, coarse and fine yarn machine, parallel machine, fine combing machine, elasticizing machine, etc.
  • Office communication equipment industry, fax machines, copiers, printers, lettering machines, etc., on the rubber roller processing.
  • Printing, food and pharmaceutical industries, automatic conveyors, plastic processing.

Cylindrical grinding machines are widely used. The type of grinding wheel used is crucial when operating. Therefore, selecting the most suitable grinding wheel for each type of grinding machine is important. This greatly impacts the quality of the material processed and the service life of the grinding machine.

So, how should we choose the right grinding wheel for cylindrical grinding machines? Let us consider these aspects: abrasives, grain size, hardness, and bonding agent.

Abrasive Selection

For hardened or non-hardened steel rolls, we should choose corundum grinding wheels. And for chilled cast iron rolls, rubber rolls, copper rolls, and granite rolls, we should use silicon carbide grinding wheels. For steel rolls of different materials, we should also choose corundum grinding wheels that match them to obtain high grinding accuracy and surface quality. For example, for alloy steel rolls, we should use chrome corundum (PA) grinding wheels; for heat-resistant alloy steel rolls, zirconium corundum (ZA) grinding wheels should be used; for stainless steel rolls, single crystal corundum (SA) grinding wheels are required.

Selection Of Grain Size

We should use coarse grit (24~60) grinding wheels for coarse grinding. We should choose fine grit (60~100) grinding wheels for fine grinding. For higher precision grinding, you should use a 150-grit grinding wheel. In general, use micro powder (W63~W14) grinding wheels for super-finish or mirror grinding.

Selection Of Hardness

The harder the roll surface to be ground, the lower the hardness of the grinding wheel should be.

The grinding wheel wears too fast, which means the hardness of the selected grinding wheel is too low. The following measures can be taken to improve it.

  • Increase the linear speed of the grinding wheel.
  • Improve the longitudinal feed speed of the dragging plate; that is, the workpiece per rotation of the longitudinal feed of the dragging plate increased to 2/3 ~ 3/4 of the width of the grinding wheel.
  • Reduce the speed of the rollers.

After taking the above measures, the problem is not solved, which means that the hardness of the grinding wheel is too low and not applicable, and the grinding wheel with higher hardness should be chosen.

If the grinding wheel is obviously obstructed (straining) or dirty when grinding the rolls, the blunted grit is not easy to fall off, the grinding wheel is easy to adhere to the grinding chips, and the grinding roller surface is burned and stretched, the grinding wheel hardness chosen is too high, and the following measures can be taken to improve it:

  • Reduce the grinding wheel’s linear speed.
  • Increase the speed of the roller.

After taking the above measures, the problem is not solved; it means that the grinding wheel hardness is too high, and a wheel with lower hardness should be selected.

Selection Of A Bonding Agent

For mirror grinding, we should choose a grinding wheel with resin bond; except for other types of grinding, ceramic grinding wheels should be preferred.


Choose the most suitable grinding wheel for your cylindrical grinding machine based on these aspects. If you still can’t make a choice, feel free to send us an email, and we will give you professional advice.

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