Tungsten carbide roll ring engraving tools PCD engraving tools

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10*50*0.6*70, 8*50*0.5*70°, 6*50*0.4*70°,also supply customized

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Tungsten carbide roll ring engraving tools ,PCD engraving tools,pcd carving bits.

Diamond engraver tip point

Cnc carving tools

PCD carving tools

PCD diamond engraving bits

CNC engraving bits

PCD carving bit 

Diamond lettering cutter 

Tungsten carbide roll ring engraving tools

Roller ring thread milling machine cutters 


◊Superior raw material

Using custom element six thickened diamond material can meet the requirements of different depths of engraving processing.

◊Fine grinding

Vacuum process welding, high precision equipment grinding to ensure the consistency of dimensional accuracy, enhance the high life during engraving kinds of alloy roller, and controllability.

◊Strict quality control

Strictly control each process and production link—strict quality inspection before leaving the factory.

◊Complete specifications

We can conveniently produce all kinds of specifications and models for customers to choose from and factory source supply time faster

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