1A1R Resin bond diamond cutting discs and diamond cut off wheels

1A1R Resin bond diamond cutting discs

Application: Mainly used in glass, fine ceramics, magnetic materials, semiconductor packaging, electronic components,
grinding materials, hard metal and other industries used in a variety of ultra-thin diamond cutting.

Additional information

Blde Type

resin bond diamond






by Courier / Air / Sea


3" – 14"

HS Code



EPE/foam/carton/wooden case

Product Details:

1A1R Resin bond diamond cutting discs

1.Resin bond diamond cutting discs with steel core is compound of steel plate and resin bond work layer,the steel plate owns high strength and high rigidity.They are generally used for middle and deep cutting and grooving.
2.Main features:
Resin bond diamond cutting discs can self-sharpen and cut sharply.
The work quality can be improved due to the elastic resin bond.
The thickness pf work layer is as same as steel plate.They are mainly used for precise grooving and cutting.
The thickness of work layer is higher than the steel plate.They have advantages for removing chips and cooling.They are mainly used for deep cutting and grooving of compoment.

3.1A1 RDrawing

4.Supplying customized according to your cutting requirements, please refer to the following table

Work piece material Cut deepness Cut length Slot or Cut off Single or Combined use Machine Model Cutting Speed Forward Speed Wet or Dry Cutting

Cutting disc(cut-off wheel) specification

D-T-H-X-E Type 1A1 or 1A1R Conductive or not Slotting or not Guide hole or not Cutting accuracy Side damage requirements

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