14U1 CBN Grinding Wheels

Specification showin on the picture:D400-U20-T26-H127-W10-X2.

It is used for processing hardened / quenched steel.



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Resin bond




Diverse can be customized

Product Details:

14U1 CBN Grinding Wheels

1.Application:It is suitable for grinding workpiece of high speed steel, cast iron, hardened steel,stainless steel and nitride stainless steel. It is more and more used to replace ordinary grinding tools in low speed grinder. It is widely used in precision grinding of iron group elements workpiece in automobile, bearing, compressor and precision die and other industries or fields.


3.Specification and grain:can be customized.

4.Sample Order

Bond Material Model D H T U W X Grain size Concentraton Work-piece
Resin CBN 14U1 400 127 26 20 10 2 250 100%,125% hardened steel


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