CBN Camshaft Grinding Wheels

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60 to 320 mesh




Diverse can be customized


60-160 M/S

Matric / Body Material

Aluminum matrix / steel matrix / carbon fiber / titanium alloy

Product Details:

1.Grinding scope:

Camshaft outer circle/CAM crankshaft spindle neck, connecting rod neck, thrust surface transmission shaft outer circle, step, spline, etc.

2.Diameter range: 70-700mm

3.Abrasive layer: cubic boron nitride CBN

4.Speed: 60-160 m/s

5.Crankshaft Grinders Model:

TOYODA GF50Mi, GF16S CBN Crankshaft Grinder, Landis LT2He, LATEST Projects: DU1200 CNC, DU1600, CGP Crankshaft Grinding Machine, etc.

6.Grinding the journal

1)Camshaft journal grinding general processing process includes turning, rough grinding, and fine grinding.

2)Technical requirements: diameter tolerance 0.021, runout 0.04, roundness 0.005, Ra0.4

3)Measurement: General grinding journal requires an online measurement system to measure the diameter, runout, and roundness

7.Camshaft grinding characteristics

According to the requirements and application characteristics of the camshaft, the main technical requirements are as follows.

1) The dimensional accuracy of the supporting journal and the coaxiality between every bearing journal.

2). The accuracy of key slot dimension and position

3) Perpendicularity of thrust surface relative to supporting journal line

4) The dimensional accuracy of the CAM base circle and the coaxiality relative to the axis of the supporting journal

5) Position accuracy of CAM

6) CAM shape accuracy (curve lift), etc.

General requirements: width tolerance 0.08, runout: 0.035

8.How to select a suitable wheel for the camshaft machining?

CBN grinding wheel can obtain high dimensional accuracy and good surface roughness; the machined surface is not easy to crack, has minor residual stress, and high-quality machined surface, but it also can improve the fatigue strength of the work-piece, improve working conditions, with good comprehensive economic benefits.

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